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"Mukmuk Supervisor Pin"
Type: Single back tack
Height:  1 3/4"

Issued by:
 VANOC to medical staff in a supervisory role
"Mukmuk X-Ray Pin"
Type: Double pin tack
Width: 1.5"
Issued by:
VANOC and was given to medical staff and personnel.

Here is a story submitted by one of our members.

My Most Prized Pins:
These are two of the most elusive and sought after pins of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.
I had the opportunity to speak with the designer and below are his thoughts on the "Mukmuk Supervisor Pin":

(1)  It had to have both Olympic and Paralympic logos so it would be pertinent at both Olympic and Paralympic Games.

(2)   It had to have mascots, as they are always popular based on past experiences at previous Olympics.
Mukmuk was the only mascot that could represent both the Olympic and the Paralympic Games.

(3)  At first, Mukmuk was to have a nurse's hat, but it was later decided that a red cross
would be identifiable immediately as "medical" related.

(4)  To incorporate the "With Glowing Hearts" theme, an oversized heart was given to
Mukmuk and the X-ray image was just a natural fit.

(5)   English and French are the official languages of Canada and for the IOC.
Thus, utilizing the abbreviation of "Med" and "Méd" (M
édecin translates to doctor in English).

(6)  The blue text represents the "blue jacket" volunteers.

(7)  Lastly, the blue and green "look" of the games that we all saw in banner form, that dressed up the
 streets of Vancouver and Olympic venues, was incorporated into the background of the pin.

The designer would not disclose the number of these pins producted, but indicates that both pins
 were low in production and the Mukmuk supervisor pin was even less.

I truly admire the beauty of these pins more now, knowing that careful thought
 and attention that went into designing them!

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