Introducing....PIN HUNTER

The Pin Hunter Search Service.

Are you missing that elusive pin to complete your set?  Are you having difficulty finding it, yet alone have any valuable pins to trade for that one you need so badly?

The Pin Hunter can get that desired pin upon request.  All you have to do is name your price and we will try our best to locate it for you.  (Please note, asking for the Red Mittens Torch pin with Maple Leaf for $10 is futile. The market price is the market price!!!) 

Why utilize The Pin Hunter's service?  I do NOT collect pins at all, but I have the means of getting that pin you need through my job and the industry I work in.  I don’t know why many of the most coveted pins are held back.

How does it work?
1)  State the price you are willing to pay for the pin through Lucky Charms Pin Collection (LCPC).  
2)  The Pin Hunter will search for the requested pin.
3)  When the pin is located, a non-refundable 50% deposit is required and will be held in trust by the President of LCPC.
        * NOTE: “In trust” means The Pin Hunter does NOT receive the deposit.
4)  When the pin is obtained, it will be given to LCPC in exchange for the deposit.
(5)  You will then meet with LCPC at an agreed location to receive the requested pin and the remaining 50% of the payment will then be collected.

If you have any questions about this service, please send your inquires here.

The Pin Hunter
Reviews & Comments:

"The PinHunter service was extremely reliable and secure. I was updated constantly throughout the hunting process and my final decisions were coordinated tightly. I'm so happy that PinHunter was able to find all the pins from my wishlist, thank-you so much for your help in completing my collection! I'll be sure to come back to you for help in the future!" - Joanne (

"The Pin Hunter" is a separate entity and Lucky Charms Pin Collection only acts as an intermediary between its members and "The Pin Hunter".  LCPC offers this complimentary service as a courtesy to all of its members.
All personal information regarding contact information will not be disclosed to any
 third party including Pin Hunter, unless instructed to do so.

Volunteer Opportunities
Lucky Charms Pin Collection is always looking for volunteers to help out in our Pin Swaps and event planning.
These positions are great for students requiring co-op hours or for anyone requiring volunteer experience to add your resumé.  Please do not hesitate to apply!
Pin Swap duties include:
- Taking and following instructions well.
- Being helpful, outgoing and has a friendly personality.
- Posting and removing of signs.
- Light moving of folding tables and chairs.
- Enforcing facility rules and regulations and club policies to the public and members.

As a volunteer, your priority will be to aid and facilitate the event.
That being said, you will be entitled to breaks and free time to engage in pin trading too!
Event Planning duties include:
- Engaging in team meetings.
- Brainstorming new ideas for our events.
- Coordinating pickups and drop offs of items.
- Attending meetings with various program coordinators and facility managers.

Upon successful completion and performance, you will receive a personal letter of recommendation from our President for your participation and contribution and may be invited to participate in our future events.

Those interested, please email your name, contact number and hours of availability to: and title your email “WANT TO VOLUNTEER”.
We thank you all who apply.